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Singer, composer, and creator Ona K envelops you in a mist of beauty. Once you enter, you won’t want to escape. With the sensuality of her voice, the elegance of her compositions and arrangements, her powerful aesthetics, and the strong community of musicians she has created around her music, she moves the listener’s soul in a way that they will always remember.

Her music pushes stylistic boundaries. It is born in the roots of descriptive cinematic music, connected to poetry (in English and Spanish), with a voice and arranges that navigate between r&b, and jazz, and a string quartet that is rooted in her to her classical origins. 

Born in Barcelona, having lived in Spain, India, United Kingdom, and Austria, Ona K describes herself as migrant bird.  In her travels, she has performed to critical acclaim in venues and festivals across Europe and the United States, winning several national and international awards. Most recently, she received the Palladium Theater Creative Class Grant, that inspired her to start this project.

She created her new project 'Full, New, Luna', two very conscious goals in mind: First, strengthening the local music community she loves - bring greater visibility to its soulful musicians.  Second, connecting herself and her audience to the powerful and intimate cycles of nature, the cycles of feminine energy, of the Moon, of Earth’s renewal.  This welcomes to the audience to connect with love and pride around femineity, migration, spirituality, and healing and growth.

The album will be released digitally on all platforms, one single a month, starting on October 22.

Physical copies of the complete album will be exclusively available in Ona K concerts.

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